Rationalising risks.

We are Assenagon. As an active asset manager for institutional investors, we specialise in proactive management of capital market risks. We offer you holistic fund-based risk management so that you can achieve your target returns even within a defined risk budget. Put more simply: We make risk pay.


offices in 3 countries: Luxembourg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Zurich.


specialist employees, each among the best in their field.


billion EUR of AuM and one of the fastest-growing asset managers in Europe.

Institutional investors are subject to different legal requirements and have their own objectives. Our tailor-made services therefore cover the entire risk management process chain. From the analysis of risk/return profiles to risk assessment and risk management – this is how, together with our experts, we can ensure that your return is worth the risk you take.

Success Story

A company built on trust.

Not only our investors, but also experts and competitors hold us in high esteem. 

We are, of course, delighted by this vote of confidence. With more than EUR 20 billion of Assets under Management, we are now one of the fastest-growing asset managers in Europe. However, more important to us than growth rates are sustainable business relationships with our investors. Because we know that we owe our success to your ongoing trust in us. 

Assets under management in EUR billions



Connecting practice and research.

As a company that sets high standards for the quality of our services and the precision of our mathematical finance models, we collaborate with a number of prestigious universities.

We thus help to shape the academic field of mathematical finance and contribute to a fertile exchange between practice and research. This helps inspire young talent to become part of our company.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

We have strong ties to the statistics department run by Prof. Dr. Schoutens.

Technische Universität München

We cooperate with the mathematical finance department under the direction of Prof. Dr. Scherer and Prof. Dr. Zagst and with the Chair of Financial Management and Capital Markets under the direction of Prof. Dr. Kaserer.


Assenagon is a business partner of the "Finance & Information Management" degree programme headed by Prof. Dr. Buhl.